Father with rare disease locked himself at home for decades. Then one day doctors see his hands

Some rare conditions or diseases prove to be so gruesome that the victims lose the confidence of facing other people! A man from Gaza has been suffering from a condition called epidermodysplasia verruciformis for over a decade now. This skin disorder occurs by eruptions of wart-like lesions that may happen anywhere on the body. Since this man’s hand has been affected by it, he has kept himself hidden indoors, avoiding people! However, post-operation, doctors have given him a better life!

The affected hands, which look like that of a tree’s bark!

Mohammad Taluli is a 42-year-old man from Gaza, Israel, who suffered from epidermodysplasia verruciformis and had no courage to face the world outside. He lived in solitude for many years and finally got treated. Though it is not contagious, the doctors treated him with a double-layered glove and specially made masks to protect themselves!

The surgeons feared it would turn cancerous, and thus, in Hadassah University Medical Center, they successfully removed all the lesions from his hands. The affected hand was left with no skin after the operation, and the doctors grafted skin from other parts of his body to cover the wounds!

The hands have a few burns after the operation. Once they heal, the person will have a normal life!

Taluli’s condition was horrible before the operation. He couldn’t move his hands and kept his hands covered to keep them out of people’s sight. However, the wounds are healing and the doctors hope for his speedy recovery!

This gene is inherited only when two abnormal EV genes come from each parent. A proper reliable treatment method hasn’t been found for this disorder but early diagnosis can prevent it from being cancerous!

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