Genius Indian woman solved a mathematical problem that stayed unsolved for 70 years!

Mathematics has always been a complex subject that people more or less fail to understand. With having over a million theories and equations to solve one problem, we never get the solution at times. On that note, a popular equation had been left unsolved for over 70 years now and this woman from India came to its rescue and credits her achievement to her father and her husband!

Neena Gupta, a math prodigy has won the Indian National Science Academy Award (INSA) as her solution is the best for the math equation!

Credits: news

While mathematicians from across the world remained puzzled behind the mystery of this unsolved Zariski Cancellation Conjecture for 70 years, Neena who is a Ph.D. holder has provided a solution with a counter-example over a field of positive characteristic to this special problem.

Unlike other achievers who are on a constant hunt to reach abroad and broaden their domains of research, Neena wishes to stay in India and works as a full-time faculty at INSA. She is also a visiting faculty at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai and a visiting scientist at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.


She is the recipient of the Ramanujan Prize (2014) and the Saraswathi Cowsik Medal (2013) by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Alumni Association.

For whoever believed in a misconception that women are a ‘problem’ in our country, Neena has proven it all wrong by ‘solving’ a mystery! Like Neena, there are many girls in India who are very smart and have aspiring goals at a young age. Education is the only way to help girls achieve in a society like ours.