2 teens threaten to shoot man—but when his ‘growling’ pit bull shows up, they’re terrified

This 11-month-old pit bull has been touted a hero after helping police catch two thieves. Pit bulls often get a bad rap as many people believe they’re aggressive—but there are plenty who disagree. This man says his pit bull, Zoey, “wouldn’t hurt a fly.” So, how did Zoey manage to stop the thieves in their tracks?

Joey Guindazola was walking with his dog from his apartment to his car in the parking lot one night when he noticed two youths acting suspiciously.

“We were about to get in the car when two guys bounced up out of nowhere. They were wearing gloves and had backpacks,” said Guindazola, as reported by Fox 5.

Guindazola asked them what they were doing: “He said he had a gun and was going to shoot us, so I called my dog. I told Zoey to ‘watch him’ and she started barking.”

What the thieves didn’t know was that Zoey is not a guard dog; she’s a service dog, and is not trained to be aggressive.

However, she had sensed her owner was in danger—she barked and growled fiercely, and frightened the two thieves out of their wits.

One ran for his life while the other one jumped on top of a car and didn’t move until the police arrived.

“He put his hands up in the air and waited there until the cops came,” said Guindazola.

The police confiscated the teen’s backpack, which was full of stolen goods. The youth was arrested and charged with “Prowling and Theft by Receiving,” according to Fox 5.

“She prevented something from happening, another car break-in or someone getting robbed, so I’m very fortunate to have her,” said Guindazola.

Well done, Zoey! She is sure to receive plenty of treats.

Watch the video here:

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | Cdn.anvato.net.