Good Samaritans: social bullying experiment shows people standing up for harassed children

An encounter with a bully is something too many children can relate to, but the strangers in this video aren’t content sitting idly while a small girl is tormented by two bullies.

Bullying is a prevalent issue plaguing nearly every school across the United States, and its consequences can be dire with suicides accounting for 4,400 deaths among youths each year. One hundred and sixty thousand students skip school each day to avoid being tormented by their local bully. It needs to stop, and the stranger’s actions in this social experiment prove some people are committed to seeing bullying put to an end once and for all.

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The experiment begins with two young girls approaching a third girl minding her own business. She is drinking a box of juice near two adults sitting on a bench. “Hey there, we’re back,” the pair says right before snatching the juice box out of the girl’s hands and throwing it to the ground. The victim asks “What’re you doing?” before they take her backpack and begin rummaging through it and dumping its contents onto the floor.

Immediately, the man asks the group “are you serious right now,” which prompts his partner to get up and also ask “where are your girls’ parents?” She adds: “Why are you guys doing that? How would you like it if someone did that to your sister?” The bullies claim they’re “just messing around,” which doesn’t fly with these two strangers. The woman finishes her lecture by telling the two girls: “you need to treat people how you want to be treated. You need to pick that up and leave her alone.”

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The experiment continues with two other women, who both intervene the moment the bullies empty the unfortunate victim’s school bag. They scold the bullies, and the last woman asks: “what would your mother think of this? Hmm? Would she like you treating people this way? I bet she wouldn’t.”

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Thankfully, this entire scenario was staged, but it is wholly comforting to know some strangers are willing to stand up to bullying at any given moment. Kudos to all the adults in this clip!

  Watch the full experiment here:

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