Google just hired 200 goats but wait till you hear their job description!

If you don’t seem to find answers to your problem, Google is your saviour! While they solve our issues, they are smart enough to bring out best solutions for their problems too. When a simple grass maintenance issue arrived at their desks, they did the most unexpected, yet an eco-friendly way of removing grass and it increased their employee count. Find out how!

Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California has employed a company called California Grazing for their grass maintenance issue. This company provided Google with a herd of 200 goats to cut down unwanted weed and grass from around the Googleplex offices.

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Accompanying the herd is a well-trained collie named Jen who also tames the weeds and scrublands around the office premise.

They employed goats to reduce the use of lawn mowers as the cost was pretty much the same. The employees at work also seem to enjoy the view outside as they watch these adorable goats devotedly doing their jobs!

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Undoubtedly Google has resorted to an innovative way of reducing weed! However, Yahoo back in 2007 used a herd of goats at its Sunnyvale headquarters to trim the grass the similar way!

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