He needed a wheelchair and she needed a surgery but they needed each other the most!

Love sees no disease as a flaw instead it becomes an emotion that is beyond words. Here is a love story between a couple who are both fighting against Polio in their own ways but they went on to prove that when you fall in love, disability becomes an ability for a bond!

Kamlesh Vaishnav who lives in Udaipur has been in his wheelchair and callipers because of Polio. He was at the front desk in a hospital where Geeta from Banswara village used to travel for her treatment. Though they had an age gap of 10 years, it was love at first sight!

Credits: Indianexpress.com

Geeta has been suffering from Polio since she was a year old. Her constant visits to Udaipur’s hospital to get her leg operated was the circumstance under which she fell in love with Vaishnav.

Geeta started travelling about 165 km from her village to reach Udaipur to see Vaishnav. On a conversation with Indian Express, she said “I would lie to my parents that I was going to see a friend or to the hospital for my check-up. We would meet at Fateh Sagar and talk. Other couples would take boat rides and go to Nehru Park. We could not, it was impossible with the wheelchair and callipers. But we were content to be with each other.”

Credits: India today (Representational image)

Over the time, as their love for each other blossomed, their parents approved and they finally tied the knot!

In India, at an early stage, children are given with polio vaccinations to avoid a condition of Acute Flaccid Paralysis where there is sudden weakness or paralysis on any part of the body. In 2012, India turned out to be a polio free country and was much appreciated! However, the issue is the low vaccination coverage among the remote villages in India. It is important to diagnose and take precautions at an early stage.

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Though Geeta and Kamlesh are struggling, their strength together is unimaginable! We admire and salute individuals like these who set aside the negativities and focus only on making each other’s life a positive one and in turn inspiring everyone around them.