IIT professor lived in disguise for 26 years and planted 50,000 trees! His love for India will move you

An engineering degree from IIT Masters and PhD from Houston could have gotten him any job in the world he wished for but Alok Sagar’s heart was rooted deep in the villages of India. This ex IIT professor left a lucrative career to serve the people of remote villages in Madhya Pradesh!

Credit: Hindustan Times

With a strong belief that developing the villages will make the country better, 65-year-old Sagar has been solidifying his thoughts for over 32 years. For over 20 years now, Sagar has been living in Kochamu village. With a population of 750 tribals, the village hasn’t seen electricity or proper roads.

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He owns only 3 sets of clothes and a cycle

Credit: Patrika

The villagers were unaware of the genius they were living with. It was only during a district election that Sagar was compelled to reveal his qualifications. During his tenure as a professor, Sagar had taught Raghuram Rajan, the ex RBI governor as well!

Credit: Kalam Fan Club

Sagar has planted over 50,000 trees in his time in the village. He spends his days travelling 60 km distributing seeds to the people. Associated with the Shramik Adivasi Sangathan, the ex-professor works for the upliftment of the tribals in the area.

Alok Sagar left his life of comforts for a cause he believed in. He is truly an inspiration to the people of the country. Instead of complaining about developmental issues, he dedicated his life to changing it!