In a shocking incidence, after an encounter in a field, a man and an elephant found dead!

The conflict between wild elephants and human beings is concerning wild life conservation’s around South Asia. Increasing number of incidences across India and Bangladesh have left many human beings dead. In a recent incidence in Bangladesh, a man and a elephant died in the same village within two days, with people claiming that the man was killed by the same elephant. The cause of elephant’s death is unknown!

Credit: Jugantor

According to Bangaldesh newspaper, Jugantor, a herd of elephants entered the Haluahati village on 10 August and started to feed on the crops and destroy them. A man called Abdul Hai (65) tried to stop the elephants and was crushed to death.

Two days later near the village, an elephant was found dead on 12 August. Villagers claim that it was the same elephant that killed Abdul. The cause of elephant’s death however is yet to be disclosed by the authorities.

According to WWF, most of the conflicts between humans and elephants happen where human settlements are near to elephant habitats.

“Elephant-human conflict poses a grave threat to their continued existence. Studies on conflict between elephants and humans in Asia and in Africa have identified crop raiding as the main form of conflict,” the organisation said on its website. “Elephant-human conflict is a result of habitat loss and fragmentation.”