In this village, pregnant women in labor rely on bike ambulances to reach town hospitals!

Pregnancy is a phenomenon where a woman evolves into her most beautiful self but prior to which she goes through labour which is unbearable! Finding the nearest hospital and the ambulance making its way in a village having a shortage of doctors is rather straining. Here is a practical solution that few men from Bastar have come up with.


In one of the most remote villages like Naryanpur in Bastar district, Ajay Trakeroo and his team of drivers have been praised by the people for safely picking and dropping pregnant women in their Bike-Ambulances through horrible potholed roads of this village.

Many doctors have been personally requesting the government to increase the number of these bike ambulances so that people from the village can reach the town. It is because doctors usually disagree to enter these Naxal filled villages.

The ambulance costs 1.7 Lakhs and approximate monthly fuel expenses come to rupees 15000/-.


The Bike ambulance’s exterior has a side car which has enough cloth covering to ensure patients are protected from the dust on streets of the jungles in Bastar. The ambulance has a mandatory siren like a normal ambulance. These ambulances are provided with necessary medical kits for emergency needs.

Credits: India today.

As nursing facilities cannot be installed, they have decided to fit in oxygen cylinders for these women. Amazingly, UNICEF is supporting this cause by funding to improvise this product and it is reaching out in many other places in India.

Though fully equipped with able doctors in cities, getting there is the main barrier and in a village, finding a doctor is a task. People coming up with such useful innovations for public welfare is truly amazing!