Indiana woman gifts Trump with flag quilt and gets personal note from President

Indiana quilting enthusiast Betty Alexander, 85, had been making quilts for several years—for her children and grandchildren—when one day she received inspiration to make a quilt for President Donald Trump.

She had no idea, though, that she would ever get any response from the Commander-In-Chief himself.

Alexander recounted how she had been sitting around wondering who she should quilt for next when Trump’s name had popped into her head. And what kind of quilt would be more fitting than the American flag, she knew.

“I knew that was the Holy Spirit,” she told Fox.

The gift idea quickly took off: Soon the South Bend Tribune had reported it; Republican Senator Todd Young got word of Alexander and connected her with the White House; and on September 13th, the quilt had been delivered to the White House.

On Tuesday, Senator Young announced that Alexander had gotten a thank you note back from Donald Trump as well as from First daughter Ivanka Trump. The President’s letter read:

“Betty, Thank you – I love you! Donald J. Trump”

Ivanka’s own, separate letter read:

“As promised, I hand delivered your beautiful quilt and letter to the President. Thank you for your prayers and warm words of encouragement.”

Recounting the moment, Betty said she was in tears the moment she saw the letter. “I just held it and cried,” she said. “I was just shaking all over.”

Senator Young shared this as an example of how government officials are still highly accessible to their constituents, and “go above and beyond the call of duty.”

“We need more Bettys in this world,” he added.

Betty explained how it was her experience of being a Christian early on in life, as well as her former career as a health worker, that inspired her to do good deeds for people.

“I’ve had love in my heart to make people happy and do good,” she told Fox. “I’ve always loved people.”


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