Looks like a giant fingerprint from the air: Tiny Croatian island could be the next historical symbol

Aerial view of islands offers unique perspectives which can sometimes blow our imagination off the roof. Some of these shapes of aerial views have become so iconic that they have their countries name attached to it like “Italy’s Boot,” and “Michigan’s mitten”. But there is a tiny island off the coast of Croatia which is truly unique in its looks. The giant fingerprint looking island from the top will make you a fan immediately. Let’s see what secrets it holds for us to reveal. 

Credit: Facebook | Like Šibenik

The island of Baljenac or Bavljenac looks oddly similar to a giant fingerprint from the top. This tiny island in the Adriatic Sea is no more than 0.14 square kilometre in size, but it possesses a unique trait. It is almost completely covered with hand-built drywalls.

Credit: Facebook | Art, Craft & Architecture

These structures were built over a long period of time and were used for a variety of purposes, mostly for agriculture though.  The entire length of the drywall system numbers 23 kilometres and 357 meters. The construction of these drywalls included no modern tools or machines. It was made by physical strength and mental endurance of local people which makes it very special.

Credit: Facebook | Art, Craft & Architecture

A letter from local officials was sent to UNESCO, asking about whether drywalls in Croatia could become a part of World Inheritance List.

Credit: Facebook | Croatia Times

If this request is approved, Baljenac might truly become a very must-visit destination in Croatia, and one of its most prominent cultural and historical symbols.