Man with disability from Tamil Nadu walks on his feet and hands to seek help!

Life in India’s rural regions becomes more difficult when someone is disabled. A community is not aware of the rights of people with disability and there are no facilities available but there are a few people who never lose courage. This is the story of Senthil Kumar from Tamil Nadu who is 94 percent physically challenged but since a decade has been humbly and persistently fighting for his rights!

Credit: Daily Thanthi.

According to Tamil newspaper, Daily Thanthi, 34-year-old Senthil Kumar from Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu walks on his hands and feet. Since 10 years Senthil has been visiting the local Tahsildar’s office for help and aid.

Daily Thanthi reports that Senthil personally went with a petition to the Tahsildar’s office at 5 pm and returned home by 1 am. He explained his situation to the officials and also showed them his Aadhar card and educational certificates. The officials promised help in a week’s time.

Though Senthil is yet to hear from the officials we hope that very soon his grievances will be addressed. It’s important that society develops compassions for people with disability and understands the distress and challenges they undergo. A community sensitive towards the needs of people with disability is certainly a more civilised society!