Mom changes her perspective about cops after meeting a kind officer who goes above and beyond

With so much negativity surrounding police officers these days, it’s refreshing to read about how one Oakland cop went the extra mile to lift the spirit of a woman.

A mother from Oakland, California, wasn’t a big fan of the city’s police force. “KlarkyyBabyy Fob” (her Facebook profile name) harbored ill feelings toward law enforcement after her boyfriend was arrested, according to Liftable.

So when she was involved in a car accident in late July, she certainly didn’t anticipate the interaction with the officer to be a pleasant one.

That day, “Fob” and her son waited for a long time for the police to arrive, as the accident wasn’t an emergency. Since she was running a quick errand, she didn’t bring any money or credit cards with her, nor any snacks or diapers for her young son.

Finally, Officer E. Hernandez arrived at the scene and started to write down a report. He then noticed Fob’s son wasn’t wearing a diaper, and what he did next surprised and impressed Fob.

“Never in million years did I believe this will happen,” Fob wrote on Facebook.

Officer Hernandez took Fob and her son to a store to buy milk, snacks, and diapers for the toddler. Even more amazing to her, he went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure Fob was mentally fine as well.

“I have had a lot of crazy thoughts, a lot of bad luck has kick in,” Fob shared.

Hernandez took the time to offer her feedback and advice. It was a conversation Fob will never forget, and for that, she was extremely grateful.


Way to go, Officer Hernandez! Your kindness helped change Fob’s feelings toward law enforcement and lifted her spirit!

If we all can do good for others, the world will definitely be a better place.

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