Monkey finds an abandoned puppy in the street & ‘adopts’ him—she feeds the pup before herself

It is fascinating to see how maternal instincts seem to transcend the boundaries of species in the animal kingdom. A stray young puppy was discovered by a monkey in an Indian city, and the monkey then assumed the role of mother and protector of the young canine.

In this rather unusual and beautiful instance, a monkey “adopted” a stray young pup as her own, carrying him about, tree-hopping as if the pup were a baby monkey, also feeding and even fiercely protecting him from other canine predators.

While this motherly monkey carried the canine about, people gathered to watch, fascinated. At the sight of these animals, it appeared that some people were so touched that they even left offerings of nourishment. While feeding, this mother monkey would ensure the young pup ate first before taking her own meals.

Selflessness and compassion are true innate instincts in all living beings. Perhaps its just a matter of allowing such natural forces to play a role in our lives, and not having too many extra wants conflicting with our innate character!

Mommy and her little baby!

She carried the young puppy everywhere she went…

…and made sure her little pup was well fed before feeding herself

Apparently, this causes quite a commotion with the locals!

But gentle mother can be fierce when danger is near

It seemed the locals were so taken with this kind display, offerings were provided

Puppy in hand, mother monkey ran, jumped, and hopped from tree to tree with ease

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