My Giant Life couple share their roller coaster baby journey—parenting is ‘totally different’

Haleigh Hampton and her husband, Bryan Carvalho, who’re the protagonists of the American reality TV series “My Giant Life,” have had their fair share of challenges. The two had been trying for a baby for six months. Even their doctor informed them that they wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally. Yet things changed for the better when they moved 2,000 miles away from their hometown in California to Cleveland, Tennessee.

Being newlyweds, and having just come through their first year of marriage … you know, getting used to each other’s habits and whatnot, Haleigh and Bryan had already been feeling it. The initial pain of not being able to conceive was a distressing concern for the couple.

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In tears, Haleigh recalled the moment when she told Bryan that he could leave her, as she couldn’t conceive and knew how much he wanted a baby—but Bryan said leaving wasn’t an option.

The move to Tennessee, however, seemed to be a new beginning.

Soon after arriving at their new place, Haleigh found out that she was pregnant. The news was a surprise like no other, as she’d been informed by a doctor that she wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally.

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Though things ended up working out for them, they did have a rocky ride during Haleigh’s pregnancy. The couple’s doctor, Dr. Brody, informed them that both Haleigh and their unborn were at risk of bleeding to death.

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Nevertheless, both mom and baby pulled through, and the couple welcomed their baby daughter, Kaia James Kamalei Carvalho, into the world on Feb. 14, 2017—their “perfect little Valentine,” as the couple put it.

At 5 foot 8, Bryan comes up to Haleigh’s chin—she’s 6 foot 7. It was predicted that their baby was going to be a bigger newborn, and indeed she is. At 22.5 inches, little Kaia is taller than average. At least in this regard, she takes on after mom.

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The “intense” day of the baby’s arrival into the world was followed by several more days in the hospital. No sooner had the couple arrived at home with their little bundle of joy did their life of parenting begin.

“Having a baby is this totally romanticized thing,” says Bryan. “You see it everywhere in movies, and then you actually get into the thick of it, and it’s totally different.”

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The couple each explain their newfound challenges.

“We’re still figuring out this whole parenting thing,” admits Haleigh. “And figuring out how to be married.”

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Getting into more detail, Bryan explains that the amount of attention he needs to give to the newborn exceeded his expectations.

“It’s been a little trying with sleep, and lack thereof,” he says, adding that they’ve now both got a lot of new responsibilities in life. “Until you live it, there’s nothing that can actually prepare you for it.”

“It is tough,” he adds. “It is exhausting.”

Evidently, little Kaia “is a wonderful gift” to her parents, says Haleigh.

After all that they’ve been through, we do hope everything works out for this Cleveland family of three. It’s a relief to see them happy, healthy, and well in their new home a year on.

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