Namibian miners find $13 MILLION worth of GOLD in 500-year-old shipwreck

Miners from Namibia are all smiles these days, because they’ve struck gold! They found treasures amounting to $13 million dollars!

Diamond miners from Namibia have discovered a 500-year-old shipwreck filled with unimaginable treasures. They were working off the coast of Africa when they chanced upon this ship filled with gold worth $13 million dollars, along with other valuable things.

©Dieter Noli

The shipwreck named “Born Jesus” or “Good Jesus” was first discovered in 2008 by the geologists working for the De Beers company, off the coast of Namibia.

These miners from Namibia were draining an artificial salt lake. They saw numerous lost ships at the bottom of the lake, which included the ship, Born Jesus. This ship was the most significant of all because it was the oldest of all the shipwrecks found in the area.

©Dieter Noli

The discovery of the treasures and gold was not instantaneous, as it took the miners a week to get to them. What they found first were pieces of the ship and other artifacts before they hit the big loot. Aside from gold, they also found ivory from West Africa, copper ingots from Germany, gold coins from Portugal, Spain, and Venice.

There were also silver coins, knives, swords of very good quality, personal belongings of the crew, as well as the skeletons of those who perished.

©Dieter Noli

The Namibian government will keep the gold as well as the other treasures, because according to archeologist Dr. Dieter Noli, the gold and treasures were discovered within the borders of Namibia. It is also standard procedure that if a shipwreck or treasure is found on the beach of a country, that country gets to keep the stash.