Nanny learns 9-month-old baby’s liver was failing. Then she makes unbelievable offer to parents

When this couple hired a babysitter to watch over their three kids, they wouldn’t have thought that the nanny would become a lifesaver of their 9-month-old child.

Kiersten Miles was looking for some part-time work that would earn her money for her studies. And that is when she was put in touch with the Rosko family through a mutual friend. Parents George and Farra Rosko immediately became fond of her and hired her as a nanny for their three little children.

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She soon learned that the youngest one, Talia, was suffering from a medical condition that affected her liver. And one day, Talia had to be taken to a hospital, where the doctor said that the child needed a liver transplant if she were to survive. While the Roskos were worried about how to procure a liver for the little child, Miles surprised the family by jumping in and volunteering herself.

Both George and Farra were initially apprehensive of accepting Kiersten’s offer since they thought that she might not have fully thought it through.

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“I wanted to be sure she knew this wasn’t like giving blood…that it was a serious surgery and she had to speak to her family about this. She said she had already spoken with her mother and she was good to go. She was very confident that this was something that she wanted to do,” the Roskos said in an interview with TODAY.

Miles said, “Before meeting the family I never knew you could donate part of your liver. I always try to donate blood whenever I can because it never bothered me and a lot of people can receive my blood type. After doing research I found out that I could potentially donate an organ to anyone due to my blood type.”

The doctors soon found out that Kiersten was a good match for Talia. They scheduled a surgery and transplanted a part of her liver onto the little child.

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“My mom has been supportive through the whole process. She keeps saying how proud of me she is and tells people she wasn’t really surprised I wanted to do this,” Miles said.

Baby Talia and Kiersten are both doing fine, and the little child will definitely be thankful for having had a babysitter who helped her survive.

“I didn’t hesitate with the donation at all,” Miles said. “I just had to go through some blood tests, imaging, and talking to a few doctors and then spent less than a week in the hospital. It just seemed and still seems like such a small sacrifice compared to saving a life.”

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“She has turned a hopeless situation into a hopeful situation,” said Rosko. “Without Kiersten we would be sitting waiting for a deceased donor to come and save Talia. We would be watching our baby deteriorate.”

“I definitely think it’s important to spread awareness about living organ donation and organ donation in general,” said Miles. “I don’t think many people know you can donate a part of your liver, most only hear about donating a kidney. After going through the entire process from start to finish, I would 100 percent do it again. I think it’s very important people know exactly what they are volunteering to do and what the recovery is like, but it’s such a small price to pay in comparison to saving a life,” Miles told TODAY.

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