Once a child labourer herself, she gives children free education and training today!

Hardships should not define us, how we rise from that should! No one deserves the problems they are facing in life but giving up is not an option. Buvaneswari Sarvanan saw the worst side of life at a very young age but she rose a champion! Once a child labourer herself, Buvaneswari today is the founder of an NGO educating children. 

Credit: Social Pukar

Coming from a poverty stricken family in Tamil Nadu, Buvaneswari’s childhood was traumatic. Her father was an alcohol addict who beat up her mother, until one day when Buvaneswari’s mother finally decided to leave with her 3 children. Buvaneswari would stay at her aunt’s house where taunts were plentiful! She was a child labourer at the mere age of 10!

Credit: Topyaps (Representational image)

After the move, things went into a downward spiral when the family didn’t have money or shelter! They slept on the pavement of a bus shelter for a whole month. Once her mother got a job as a domestic help financially the family came into a better position.

Credit: Deccan Chronicle (Representational image)

At 18, she lost her mother to jaundice. By then, Buvaneswari had realized the value of education and found a husband, Sarvanan, who believed the same. The couple too faced hardships but Sarvanan knew what his wife dreamed of. When she was 27 years old, Sarvanan suggested Buvaneswari finish her education. Her journey only went upwards after that day.

Credit: Social Pukar

She enrolled in a sociology course through correspondence and got interested in serving the society. In 2013 her dreams took wings as she registered her NGO ‘Shine Trust’. Through the NGO, she aims to educate children and provide free training.

Buvaneswari Sarvanan is a lady of pure strength and grit! She is a living example of the saying that the future is in our hands. Buvaneswari not only changed her future but made sure others don’t go through the struggles she faced!