People in this country are shocked to see the ‘Red’ sun amidst the dark sky! Know the reason why!

On Oct. 9, 2017, Hurricane Ophelia started making the rounds and has affected the U.K. and parts of Ireland. It is known to be the 6th major hurricane of the Atlantic Hurricane season for 2017. With deteriorating weather conditions to damaged transportation, it has been creating a ruckus. Off lately, it has left the people of the U.K. in shock by changing the sun’s colour to red!

This is a strong yet natural phenomenon that is related to science. As per Met Office weather warning, Hurricane Ophelia is reportedly said to bring potential danger to the people of U.K. as it blows winds at 130 km/hr.

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The reason behind the red sun is a large amount of sand and dust that swirled from the Sahara and the wildfires from Spain and Portugal that has darkened the sky with just a small tint of orange shining brightly amidst it.

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People are shocked to see the changing colour of the sun and the effect it has caused around them. They have clicked many pictures and many have called it the ‘Red planet’ on their social media accounts.

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However, it is believed that the dust will slowly rise to higher levels in the atmosphere and after a while, the air around will be safer to breathe. The winds are really warm because of the moisture content in this hurricane.

The U.K. witnesses the red sun effect, once or twice in a year and it usually occurs overnight.

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In the U.K., sea animals are blown over to the shores and sadly, in parts of Ireland, people are homeless and over 3,00,000 properties have been damaged. Hurricane Ophelia’s uncontrollable winds have even lead to a few deaths!