Russian man builds eccentric house with 12,000 champagne bottles, in memory of late son

This man loves collecting glass bottles, and he’s known for putting his bottle collection to good use. But in 2015, he did something he once thought was impossible—to build a house with champagne bottles.

There is a unique house standing in Chelyabinsk, Russia, that is constructed with champagne bottles. The house is very well known in the area, and is dubbed “Palace Oz.” It is now regarded as a landmark.

©Valery Zvonarev

Hamidullah Ilchibaev, 52, is the builder of this house, and the idea to build a house with glass bottles is not something new to him. He has experience building things out of beer and vodka bottles, but this time, the object of his desire was the champagne bottle.

Hamidullah’s children are his number one fans, and they’ve always challenged him to build a house with his collection of champagne bottles. But Hamidullah wasn’t sure he’d be able to pull it off, and stalled the champagne bottle house project, thinking it’d be impossible.

©Valery Zvonarev

It took a tragic event for Hamidullah to finally decide on the seemingly impossible project. The loving father was devastated following the death of his 18-year-old son, and decided on building the house in memory of his son.

Hamidullah planned on building a 99 square meter house, and began his search for suitable materials to use. Whilst he stocks many kinds of bottles, this time, he started his first collection of champagne bottles—gathering 12,000 all up—with a portion he bought himself, whilst the rest being donations from restaurants.

“When I started to build, I hadn’t even imagined that there are so many different kinds of bottles of champagne,” Hamidullah said.

©Valery Zvonarev

He was able to finish the house of champagne bottles making use of the bottles as you would bricks. He applied a special adhesive that “cemented” the bottles firmly together. From the outside one can see the bottom of the bottles, and the inside looks just like any other house.

Palace Oz is such a nice memorial for his son, which for sure, his whole family would appreciate. Incidentally, he gave the house as a gift to his eldest son who was getting married at the time.