Save as many as you can; these bottle caps can bring out the designer in you!

Heard a lot of stories on ‘Best out of waste’, ‘Newspaper crafts’, ‘Plastic bottle ideas’ etc, but have you come across a range of designs you could do with bottle caps? Here are 7 classy ideas of bottle caps that have brought a twist in your daily life and made you look at them much differently!

Ever walked on bottle caps before you flush?

Credits: Facebook | Smart Hacks.

The best and the easiest gift to make for your baby girl!

Credits: Instagram.

Serve your champagne on a ‘Bottle cap tray!’

Credits: Instagram.

Let these caps swing about with the wind to give you some music!

Credits: Facebook | Psycho Stuff.

A fish will definitely fall bait seeing these!

Credits: Facebook | Fisherman’s World.

Make your dinner yummy and your dining more colourful!

Credits: Instagram.

It’s time to set a trend!

Credits: Facebook | Last Week’s Trash.