Special-needs teen lands first job after countless rejections, says he’ll put in 1000 percent

Keya Thompson was worried for her son, Charles Bond, a special-needs teen, when he repeatedly failed to get a job. Charles, whom Keya lovingly calls “Bam Bam,” had graduated the year before, and had been applying for jobs in his hometown of Gonzales, Texas, ever since.

This made Bam Bam doubt his self worth, and he asked his mother, “Mamma, is it because I’m special?” His question left her in tears.

The question broke Keya’s heart, but she didn’t want him to feel any lesser. In reply, she asked him to keep trying harder.

Finally, Charles landed his first job at Whataburger. He was so happy that he told his mom that he would be giving not just 100 percent to the job but 1000 percent. Keya couldn’t be happier as she knew he would definitely give his best.

Keya shared her story on Facebook and was instantly received with love from people all across the world.

One of the commenters, Laura Kris wrote, “Congratulations, you are going to make all the people that didn’t hire you see that they missed out on a GREAT EMPLOYEE!!!!”

Others said that Whataburger is blessed to have such an amazing employee.

©Facebook | Keya Thompson

Keya mentioned on Facebook that Bam Bam was not interested in getting famous. All he wanted was to develop himself further and become more independent. Keya also thanked the Whataburger manager, Billy Beard, for giving him a chance.

In her post, she says that if given a chance, people who have special needs may excel at what tasks they’ve given and surprise everyone. She also mentions that God will make things happen at the right time.

©Facebook | Keya Thompson

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