Stop and look at the sky, these beautiful cloud patterns will surely take your breath away!

All of us definitely cherish the memory of sitting around with our friends trying to figure out the beautiful shapes fluffy clouds formed in the sky. At times, the mesmerizing patterns they form look so unrealistic that it’s hard to believe they are real. Interestingly, here are a few photographs of the clouds that are redefining the beauty of nature and it is perfectly shot!

8 unbelievable pictures of clouds that may seem highly unrealistic but it is without a doubt nature’s own creation!

Forming beautiful sand dunes in the sky

Credits: Reddit

And this is exactly what heaven would look like

Credits: Flickr

A magnificent explosion in the sky!

Credits: Pinterest

Forming rings to protect the snow-filled mountains

Credits: Pinterest

A subtle yet magical reflection

Credits: Wikipedia

Now that’s a beautiful floating blue lake

Credits: Wikipedia

Dense, brown bubbles pouring down earth

Credits: Wikipedia

Looks like a yummy white cotton candy

Credits: Wikipedia