Their love story began over a phone call! Bollywood’s villain, Ashutosh and his wife are a perfect match!

No two people are destined to be together until they work hard for it. This couple from diverse backgrounds met because of Bollywood and their lives changed for the best. Renuka Shahane and Ashutosh Rana’s love story has grown immensely strong over the years and their journey from being lovebirds to amazing parents is incredible!

Credits: Bollywoodpapa

Renuka, a Maharashtrian actress who later debuted in Bollywood, met Ashutosh who did prominent antagonist roles in movies on the sets of Jayati. Though they remained highly resentful towards each other, Ashutosh stated he was her biggest fan and the blush on Renuka’s face was the start to their love story!


They had no contact for several months but fate brought them closer when a famous director, Ravi Rai arranged a Diwali party and invited many stars including them.

Though Renuka could not make it, she received Diwali wishes over a voicemail from a familiar voice. After that Ashutosh and Renuka constantly exchanged messages over voicemails!


They didn’t meet often because of their busy schedules but always remained in touch over the phone. After about 3 months of happy conversations over phone calls, they finally met on December 31st, 1998!


They understood each other very well and had no iota of doubt. Finally, a traditional wedding was planned in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, Ashutosh’s birthplace and surprisingly, though they planned a simple wedding with their close ones, their fans could not stay away from greeting them! It became a grand wedding that the couple can never forget!


A journey of over 16 years, they are blessed with two sons. Ashutosh and Renuka have loved and cherished their family more than anything else.


They have proven to be an amazing couple who embrace each other’s flaws and accept each other for who they are. Isn’t love and marriage a symbol of acceptance? Ashutosh Rana and Renuka Shahane are perfect for each other!

Thumbnail Credit: Celebrity family wiki / BollywoodPapa