These calm nuns from Himalayas are experts in martial arts and teach women self defence!

Calm, compassionate, loving, caring and always stuck by their prayers is how we have always seen nuns to be but in this place they are martial arts experts! Hard to believe? These nuns in the borders of Himalayan region wear their traditional maroon robes while chanting and change into their black robes to teach women self-defence! They have some causes they fight for and now they have taken up one of the biggest issues concerning India, Rape!

Credits: Facebook | Kung Fu Nuns

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, there were 34,651 rapes reported in 2015, i.e, 4 rapes every hour and over 82,422 sexual assaults! The nuns from the Himalayas are teaching martial arts to challenge gender roles in a conservative culture and backward mindsets of people by teaching women self-defence!

Credits: Facebook | Kung Fu Nuns

They trek and cycle thousands of kilometres through the Himalayan mountain passes to bring about awareness on issues ranging from pollution to human trafficking.

The Kung Fu nuns belong to an age-old Buddhist sector. Over 700 nuns from the Drukpa lineage belong to ‘Wangchuck’. This is the only female order in the patriarchal Buddhist monastic system where nuns are equally treated as the monks.

Credits: Facebook | Kung Fu Nuns

About a decade ago, leader of the 1000-year-old sect, His Holiness The Gyalwang Drukpa, was the man who encouraged the nuns to learn Kung Fu along with the traditions of cooking and prayers they have always followed!

They are growing fierce day by day and young girls are getting encouraged to be like them! They teach techniques on how to handle being attacked from behind, moves like- take downs and strikes and bring awareness as to how one should react at times of sexual assaults!

Credits: Facebook | Kung Fu Nuns

These nuns took a step ahead by reaching India’s capital city, Delhi in 2016. They cycled all the way from Kathmandu and now they have set up their camp to help young girls learn self-defence and judo-karate! Since then they have grown massively in India and Nepal!

People have started to believe that these nuns are heroes of the Himalayas and they have set out to make India great again!