This amazing lady professor built 6000 toilets in 34 villages of Gujarat in just 4 years!

Dr Jyoti Lamba, a professor at one of the most renowned Universities in Gujarat is on a mission to educate the people of Gujarat about the importance of hygiene and having a toilet at home. Her life mainly revolved around educating the youth and building awareness among them until one day in 2013 her university had organised a Gandhi Padyatra where students and faculties visited villages to understand about their problems.

An ardent lover of cleanliness, Dr Lamba was appalled when she learnt that there were so many villages that did not have toilets. What pained her more was the state of the women in the village who had to wait until dark to go to the loo. Since that day in 2013, Dr Lamba hasn’t taken a day off and has helped in building around 6,000 toilets in 34 villages in Gujarat.

Credit: Facebook | Humans Of Amdavad

Once she was back from her trip, the Vice-Chancellor of the University,  Dr Sudarshan Iyengar requested her to start a project of building toilets in villages. Dr Lamba saw this as a great opportunity to serve her nation and keep Mother Earth clean and immediately agreed. The journey was not an easy one as the villages were in a big mess and it was tough for her to explain to the male villagers about the benefits of having a toilet at home.

After nearly seven months, her efforts bore fruit and she was able to motivate the villagers to build toilets under the Government Program. In order to encourage the villagers, she even holds competitions offering prizes to those who build toilets in their home. The prizes are bought from her own savings by cutting down her personal expenses. There have been people who have mocked her by saying what a menial job a professor is doing. However, Jyoti ignores all the comments and goes about the work as she feels that anything which serves the nation and its people is not trivial.