This elephant dug a well for 11 hours, villagers were in tears when they saw what came out!

A mother’s love cannot be compared to anything in this world. However, people who believe that animals have no sense of emotions are absolutely mistaken as a mother of a human baby is no different from a mother of an elephant baby. The emotions remain equally intense. In this Jharkhand village, a mother elephant struggled and dug a pit for over 11 hours and what came out of it will make you happy!

Credits: Instagram (Representational image)

The mother-elephant saw her baby stuck in a well and immediately started digging through the mud to save her child. In utter panic, the mother accidentally dropped more mud on her baby but didn’t give up and went to an extent of digging for 11 hours to save her child.

She started digging at night until the next morning to be able to completely remove all the mud. The fear of losing her baby kept her determination strong.

Credits: Instagram (Representational image)

Hearing the mother’s cry and seeing her strive hard to rescue her child, few villagers from the Chatra district rushed to help her while many stayed away from the troubled elephant as they feared for their safety.

Credits: Instagram  (Representational image)

In order to help her rescue the calf, the villagers distracted the mother with bananas. As she took a break from her digging, the men carefully removed more mud and were able to finally rescue the calf. When the mother saw her baby safe, she rushed to cuddle the little one.

Credits: Instagram

 This 11-hour struggle of the mother-elephant shows the amount of love and care animals possess towards their little ones. As a mother, this elephant proved that she will go to any lengths for the sake of her child’s safety!

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