This lady falls on the track, sees a train approaching and does something exceptional!

A lot of people in India walk on railway tracks to reach another side of the platform unaware of how fatal it could be with an approaching train. Though Indian Railways has launched various safety programs for people and stringent rules to keep away from the tracks, people are very ignorant towards it. Lucky enough was this lady from West Bengal who got run over by an approaching train and remained unhurt!


In 2016, Himani Manjhi fell onto the tracks in Purulia station in West Bengal and a 56-carriage train passed over her. She was quick enough to sleep on her stomach, flat and was left only with a nose injury that happened as the train’s speed flung a few pebbles around. She was given first aid immediately.

Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Ms Manjhi was trying to catch a train to Tatanagar as she was crossing the tracks, she accidentally fell on the tracks. Though many people around rushed to rescue her, it was too late. After the train passed, she lifted her head with the relief of being alive and surprised the on-lookers.

Credit: YouTube Screenshot

An approximate number of 15,000 people die in India while crossing the tracks. Fortunately for Manjhi, it was a close escape but many commoners who utilize the tracks to cross are ignorant towards safety measures. Using extra time and avoiding the tracks to reach your destination is better than to lose a life!