This man dips his hands in 200 degree Celsius burning oil to fry your favourite ‘pakoras’!

Deliciously crunchy pakoras are a snack we all enjoy on a rainy day. Usually, the cooks who make these are seen sitting far away from the boiling oil to avoid burns in the process but this man from Allahabad has left us all shocked! He immerses his bare hands in the burning oil to cook the pakoras and strangely, his hands have been free of any injuries for over 40 years now!

Credits: YouTube Screenshot

Ram Babu is a 60-year-old man who has been selling snacks on the streets to support his family. Interestingly, he is a huge sensation and people come from various places to witness his magical hands being immune to burning oil even at 200 degree Celsius.

Credits: Getty images

Ram Babu first dipped his hands in oil out of sheer panic when he saw the number of customers increasing. To his surprise, his hands were free of any blisters or scars!

To manage time, he gave up on the usage of spoons and relied on his hands completely. What he started off when he was 20 years old has changed his life for the better and he has a faithful range of customers visiting him till today.


Many doctors are in utter amazement at this man’s quality. For a means of survival, Ram Babu has developed for himself a unique characteristic that many can never imagine doing!