This UP farmer’s goat ate ₹ 66,000 that he had saved but his reaction is heart warming!

Hunger is the biggest driving force! We work to be able to buy food similarly animals hunt to keep their stomachs full. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not. When struck with the dreaded pangs of hunger you’ll eat anything. Same was the case with this innocent goat which chewed down rupees 66 thousand to fill its stomach.   

Credit: Hindustan Times

The incident happened in Siluapur village in Uttar Pradesh. Sarvesh Kumar Patel, a farmer, had kept 66 notes of 2000 each in his trouser’s pocket. He hung the pants and went to take a bath not noticing the fact that his goat was tied close to where he kept his clothes.

Credit: News 18

He returned to see that the animal was chewing something. He was shocked to see that the goat had the money in his its mouth. He tried to pull it out but could save only two notes of Rupees 2000, the goat had eaten the rest.

Patel had kept that money to buy bricks for his house. He was shattered after the incident but not even once did he think of harming the animal. The villagers came to him suggesting that he sell the animal to a butcher or take it to the police but Patel didn’t pay heed to any.

Credit: Pixabay

Animals don’t know how to differentiate from right to wrong but we humans do, despite that, treating animals cruelly is a common thing seen in the news. Sarvesh Kumar Patel lost a huge chunk of his savings but his treatment to the animal tells leaps and bounds about his gentle character! We wish more people had the compassion that Patel has been blessed with!