This white child with blonde hair was born to black parents and the internet is just too surprised!

Parents always regard their newborns to be a miracle in their lives! However, a unique quality in few babies is unbelievable. The second baby born to this couple from Congo was nothing like they expected him to be. Well, who would you regard to as a miracle baby? Undoubtedly, this baby boy will top your list.

A happily married couple named Francis and Arlette Tshibangu from Loughborough. were eagerly awaiting the birth of their second child and when the doctors handed their baby boy, they were surprised to see a white skinned boy with blonde hair! It was a complete mystery to see their white-skinned baby! 

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Their first son, Seth has features like them but baby boy Daniel who is 11 weeks old is nowhere close. Surprisingly, the doctors have clearly mentioned that Baby Daniel is not albino.

Though they were in a confused state of mind regarding their baby boy, they love how beautiful he looks. Arlette’s first thoughts receiving her baby was the pleasure to see him healthy. Daddy Francis held baby Daniel and discovered that he had his mama’s lips and his nose!

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From the doctors to all the nurses and Francis himself, stood shocked as Daniel made his way to the world in the operation theatre. But none compared to the happiness the couple have in treasuring him.

However, because of their baby’s skin tone, they didn’t have an iota of doubt on each other. In a generation where relationships are fickle and tend to break away for the silliest of reasons, this couple’s trust for each other is very strong.

Though people look at them differently, they love their baby boy regardless of his colour because that is what parents do, love unconditionally!