To the joy of his parents, this 6-year-old boy with no scalp survived a 4-hour-long operation!

Across India, many doctors perform critical surgeries saving lives each day! This dangerous disease struck a 6-year-old boy where he suffered from a split head condition. The after effects of this disease may be hazardous to his life. However, this doctor along with the aid of other doctors from Allahabad performed a 4-hour long operation on this boy with a split head and they walked out of the operation theatre after successfully treating him!


Credit: One India

The 6-year-old boy’s CT scan reports showed that he didn’t have a bone in the upper portion of his head. He was suffering from a disease where his head was split into two. If it was left without proper treatment, over time the head’s weight would become double the body’ weight.

Dr Prakash Khetan performed the 4-hour long surgery on the 6-year-old boy and made the split brain on his head into one. However 3 months later, another operation has to be conducted to give his head a shape.

Dr. Prakash is a renowned doctor who has been featured in the Guinness book of world records and the Limca book of records for his earlier treatment of an 8-hour long operation on a patient and he carefully removed 296 cysts!

Credit: One India

The doctors came out with smiling faces after the operation giving hope to the boy’s family.

It is the first time India is seeing this kind of a victorious treatment. It is brilliant to see doctors in India growing for the better. Families rely on doctors during their hardest times and we must embrace them for their brave service.