Woman was at Tom Hanks book promotion—when he suddenly asks her this during Q&A, she’s shocked

Now this is one lucky lady—not only did the love of her life propose to her, but her prince charming managed to include the man of her dreams into the equation. And the script reads straight out of a romantic comedy, starring none other than Tom Hanks.

Nikki Young and her boyfriend, Ryan McFarling, were attending the promotions of Tom Hanks’s new book, Uncommon Type: Some Stories, at the Texas Book Festival in Austin.

“I have been a fan of Tom Hanks since 1982 when I first saw Bosom Buddies. I followed his career and loved, laughed, cried, and sighed at every movie, every TV appearance, every skit, and more. He was my happy place,” Nikki Young wrote in her post for Love What Matters.

But sitting only a few feet away from the stage, she became a tad unhappy when the two-time-Oscar-winner actor began answering questions submitted by audience members, simply because she had been unable to submit one. Nikki had dreamed for years of a scenario where she would get to ask him something, anything really.

“I immediately turned into a bratty child. Pouting because I didn’t get to submit a question; I mumbled under my breath to Ryan. He just held my hand and caressed it to calm me down in his usual loving and supportive way, reminding me that Tom Hanks was literally less than 10 feet away from me,” she wrote.

Then suddenly, out of the blue came the greatest moment of her life. Hanks told the audience he was bored with answering their questions and would like to ask one of his own.

Hanks picked up a question slip and announced that Ryan McFarling, who was in the crowd, had a question for Nikki Young. The question was: “Nikki, will you marry me?”

“What happened next, I was not prepared for, but can honestly say has been the greatest moment of my life! I went from disappointment to shock to ugly tears in 10 seconds flat—but, all tears of joy.”

After some encouragement from Hanks, the couple went onto the stage, and Ryan went down on one knee to propose to Nikki, who of course said “yes.”

“Then, the man who has been my happy place for years hugged me and congratulated me and later, even gave me a flower. I got to live a real romantic comedy moment with my love, Ryan McFarling, co-starring Tom Hanks! Talk about true love!”

Then, to stamp an unforgettable memory into Nikki’s heart, Hanks gave the couple his best wishes. What more could a girl ask for?

Watch the video here:

Photo Credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | Love What Matters.

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