Unsuspecting lady pulled over by COP boyfriend—then the situation turned serious

Being pulled over by a cop can be pretty stressful, especially when you have no idea what you did wrong. But for Alyssa, she was just downright confused when she was pulled over by none other than her cop boyfriend. He had caught her, and it was for something serious!

The whole incident was captured on video by SoFlo YouTube channel. A cop named Jason told the camera: “So I just pulled over my girlfriend and I asked SoFlo to come help me catch her off guard.” He was seen approaching her driver’s-side window.

Recognizing her boyfriend, she asked, “What the h*ll Jason. What is this?”

He said, “Ma’am, I ran your record. You are wanted for grand larceny.”

“What are you—what are you talking about!?” she stammered.

“Ma’am, please. Step out of the vehicle,” he repeated.

Now, somewhat annoyed, she said, “Alright, Jason, come on. That’s enough—”

“Ma’am, out of the vehicle,” he insisted. She asked him if he was “serious.” “Yes, I am,” he responded. “Now, come on Alyssa. Step out now.” Somewhat perturbed, distraught even, she got out and queried: “What is this Jason?”

“Like I said, you are wanted for grand larceny.” She asked what that even meant. “It means that you stole,” he replied.

Alyssa was just dumbfounded by this point, as she knew she hadn’t stolen anything. And that’s when Jason revealed that she had stolen something from him… “What did I steal from you?” she asked.

“My heart,” he replied tenderly, smiling and getting down on one knee with a black box in his hands. She gasped and cupped her hands over her mouth, near tears.

“Will you marry me?” he asked. She started crying and then nodded her head. The moving moment ended in smiles and tears as she leapt into his embrace.

Safe to say, that she was guilty as charged!

Watch the video here!

Photo credit: Youtube Screenshot | SoFlo.