Without a day of sunlight, our body can be prone to many diseases! Find out how!

What if there was no sun? There would be no life on earth! That is the extent to which a man needs the solar energy but at times it is taken for granted. If we miss the sun’s rays on certain days it leads to the low production of Vitamin D in our body and causes a lot of other problems. Sunlight is without a doubt, very vital!

7 mind-boggling predictions that may occur to our body due to lack of sunlight!

If we don’t receive sunlight, then there is a low production of Vitamin D in our body. This vitamin plays an important role in protecting us from heart diseases. So without the sun we are prone to cardiovascular or heart problems

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A woman’s chances of conceiving a baby would reduce if there is no sunlight as there will be more melatonin in her body. This is a hormone that suppresses fertility. Interestingly women who receive less sunlight reach their menopause earlier than those who are exposed to it

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However, the men can also suffer majorly due to the lack of sunlight as it directly influences their testosterone levels!

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It is most important for children to be exposed to sunlight as they may be at the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, a disease affecting the central nervous system when they become adults

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Get ready to bear those joint aches as it happens due to lack of sunlight. However, sunlight helps to warm the body’s muscles and reduce the pain caused by inflammatory conditions!

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If you want to be happy always, make sure you get enough sunlight as without the sun, you’ll have less serotonin – the happiness hormone in the body. Though there are other ways of keeping yourself happy, regular sunlight is the most natural way especially if it is with exercises!

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Our teeth will suffer miserably without the Sun. It was discovered that people who get less sunlight develop cavities!

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