Woman sees a drug addict wandering on street—when she recognizes who it is, her heart breaks

Friendships you forge during your school days can last a lifetime. But in this instance, that predestined bond saved a life.

Wanja Mwaura from Kenya accidentally met with one of her close childhood friends, named Hinga, on a street. Unfortunately, this time when she saw him he was not in a good condition. Hinga was almost unrecognizable because of the intense physical and mental transformation he’s had over the years due to his severe drug addiction.

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But the moment Wanja realized that the man on the street was her childhood friend, she decided to help. Wanja lost her connection with him after school; both of them were good friends and Wanja used to call him “Didi.” Somehow, Hinga’s school life itself was a tragedy.

According to Wanja, he was a rising star in school and was one of the brightest students. He was always this kind and intelligent guy with a great sense of humor. But things started to fall apart when he started experimenting with drugs during high school. Things got out of control and he became a frequent user; eventually, he became a school dropout and no one had any idea what happened to him after that.

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Time passed by and both of them grew up. When Wanja accidentally crossed paths with Hinga on that fateful day, she noticed that his condition was pathetic. Substance abuse had destroyed his physical and mental health to a great extent, and he was wandering pointlessly in the street. Wanja knew it was time for her to help her beloved Didi.

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She gave him her phone number and asked him to call her if he needed help. Wanja knew it wasn’t easy to convince him to go to a rehab. She continued to take care of him over the course of the next month.

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There are not many things in the world that cannot be conquered by love and kindness. Hinga finally agreed to go to a rehab, and today he has transformed into an entirely different person—all because he has an amazing friend by his side.

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Hinga is now returning back to normal life after several long years. In a world where friendships and relationships are way too easy to break, Wanja gives us hope that real friends do exist. How beautiful it would be if we all can learn how to value and cherish our predestined bonds!

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