Wonder why our eyes don’t feel cold? Here are 8 more unexpected explanations why!

We are always curious to know new things but when it comes to some of our day-to-day activities, we may unconsciously ignore them! We shut our eyes while we bite a lemon and our hair colour gets lighter in the sun but ever wondered why?  

Here are 8 interesting facts that we may or may not come across in our daily lives but the reason will blow your mind away!

We all scream for ice-creams but fear the idea of getting a brain freeze. The reason behind it is because it is connected with quick palate vessels’ constriction (narrower by pressure) or distention (enlargement) as a reaction to low temperatures

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We all love to go to the beach but ever wondered why our skin tans and the hair colour gets lighter? The difference is in the fact that hair is not living but the skin is. Skin reacts to the sun with a stronger replenishment of melanin, making the colour darker

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While our entire body is freezing our eyes seem to feel no temperature.  This is because there are no temperature receptor cells in our eyes. Besides, a major part of our eyeball is inside the skull and it is warm because of the blood flow inside

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We see certain types of birds fly in a V form. The reason behind it is, firstly, they are saving energy as the birds in front create air swirls with their wings and the ones at the back catch the swirls to save energy. Secondly, such a formation helps them spot the leader who flies first!

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Pretty sure you would’ve heard kids saying, ‘I’m bored!’ a lot of times. The reason being, time passes really slowly for kids as they are just getting acquainted with the world and their memory collects more data than grown-ups. They have many events to store in their memory!

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Try an experiment where you bite a lemon with your eyes open, it is definitely impossible! It is because our eyes spontaneously shut to prevent the sour lemon juice that might harm the mucous membranes

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The pigeons are usually seen settling on rocks but don’t sit because they haven’t inherited the sitting reflex. The structure of their limbs helps them sit in trees but otherwise, they are not designed for any other behaviour

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Raccoons are known for rinsing their food before consumption. It is because they often get food from the water and its surroundings, so there can be algae that they try to clean off

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