Animal rescuer saves dog snatched by Cambodian slaughterhouse

When a Cambodian family found themselves struggling to pay back a debt, they found themselves in a situation that may seem surreal to many in the Western world.

Their dog, Noun, was snatched to settle the debt and brought to a slaughterhouse to be turned into meat.

Desperate, they called Michael Chor, who runs a Thailand- and Cambodia-based charity, The Sound of Animals, which fights against the dog meat trade still rampant in both areas.


noun now. … butchers stuffed her in a bag she bathes in blood and mud .. .. she did not go away .. do not cry. do not understand why from a warm home she could have arrived this hell .. we had leashed her attached to the outside time to fetch the kennel. they tied her in a bag like a commodity. they do not even understand the horror of their actsThanks to all of you Michael

Posted by The Sound Of Animals on Saturday, September 8, 2018


All they wanted, they begged, was for their dog to be rescued.

Chor filmed his rescue endeavor, showing the world just how harrowing the situation was for Noun. When he arrived at the slaughterhouse, she was chained to a fence inside of a bag—and there were dozens of other dogs waiting to undergo a heartbreaking fate.

The video is admittedly graphic, but does show a happy ending. Thanks to the family’s pleas to Chor, Noun was rescued, rehabilitated, and given plenty of love before making her way across the world to a new adoptive family.


Posted by The Sound Of Animals on Friday, September 14, 2018


Luckily, Noun—whose name means “sit under the sun”—had been shown so much love during her time with her Cambodian family prior to the entire ordeal. After her physical and medical rehabilitation following the rescue, she was as affable and lovable as ever.

Still, the video is a harsh reminder of all that these dogs endure. Not only had her teeth been broken to keep her from biting the slaughterhouse workers, but she was malnourished and frozen in fear when Chor first came to bring her home.

There are still hundreds of dogs meeting this fate every day. For now, though, there’s at least the consolation that this one found a happy home once again.