1-yr-old cancer patient is stuck in hospital. When this doctor arrives—her troubles melt away

This beautiful, heartwarming video shows Dr. Paulo Martins singing and playing his ukulele to entertain one of his young patients in a Sao Paulo hospital.

At only 17 months old, Sophia Ramao Bueno has been spending far too much time in hospital. Nevertheless, she has some fantastic company.

She follows the singing doctor from room to room as he spreads the positive vibes among his patients.

Seeing the little girl in such adoration of his music, Dr. Martins was inspired to sing a song just for her, and he knew that was exactly what she was after.

Just look at Sophia’s response; she’s having a ball!

Everyone is thoroughly entertained watching the tiny tot in her pink shoes dance to the rhythm, and we can be sure all the patients’ pain, illness, and stress were at least temporarily relieved during this special moment.

Video Credit: Facebook | ViralHog.

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