Does this Aussie bloke catch a fish using his toes? A “Steve Irwin wannabe”?

Australia had Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee, now they have the unknown fisherman who catches dinner with his feet!

This man was out fishing with his mate somewhere in Australia where Murray Cod abound, and he demonstrated how to catch a fish in a very unorthodox way. Bear in mind, the Murray cod can live up to fifty years, and weigh more than a whopping 100 kilograms (220 pounds)! That’s big enough to drag you by the foot overboard!

“Firstly you’ve got to get a yabby and rip his claws off so it doesn’t bite you, sit him in between your toes.. hold on really tight and put it in,” he says as he plunges his foot into the murky water with the poor yabby between his toes.

©Viral Hog Video Screenshot

However long it took to toe-hook the fish is unknown, as the video clip appears to jump after a few seconds. “Can you believe that?” he asks his mate as he gets a bite and on the end of his foot, clinging on to his toe, there is…you guessed it..a nice plump fish!

The clip was uploaded and got plenty of bites itself, more than 2.2 million in fact, but some viewers were not convinced of its credibility.

©Viral Hog Video Screenshot
©Viral Hog Video Screenshot

“This is FAKE. You can see the cut in the video. He just caught the fish, lipped it with his toe and edited the video. Nice try, not,” one man wrote. “When the fish latches on, the video skips. Pretty sure they staged the whole thing,” wrote another disbeliever, reported DailyMail.

But there were others who did believe the bloke: “You know catching a fish can take hours, right? He’s not conna upload a half hour video of just his foot in the water then show the fish at the very end,” wrote one viewer.

©Viral Hog Video Screenshot

Bear in mind, Aboriginals used all kinds of ingenious methods for catching fish, birds, kangaroos and other wildlife, it is possible they also know of the method of catching a cod with a yabby between the toes.