Baby girl gets trolled by rubber chicken—but watch her reaction when they squeeze!

Babies can have the most unpredictable reactions to new things or experiences, no matter how prepared you think they might be.

This baby girl seemed as if she couldn’t possibly have an aversion to any kind of plaything. Sitting practically waist-deep in toys, her satisfied face while playing with a Barbie doll among the pile of fun objects was the picture of contentment.

Unfortunately, things took a hilarious turn for the worse when someone decided to see how she felt about a rubber chicken!

Watch as the tiny tot’s curious face turns to horror and tears in a split second, all over the clucking of a rubber chicken. Probably having never heard a sound quite like it before, not to mention being subjected to it for someone’s amusement, caught the poor lass off guard.

As bizarre as it may be to hand over a rubber chicken as a baby toy, though, this adorable little face isn’t the only one making the rounds on the world wide web with the strange toy.

This classic gag toy has garnered comic relief for decades, if not longer, most likely due to its utterly ridiculous novelty, but as one little girl demonstrates, it’s not for all tastes!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | ViralVideoUK