Wildlife watchers think they’re filming normal gator—when this giant emerges, they’re shocked

With swampy geography and a muggy, humid climate, Florida is a breeding ground for quite a few of mother nature’s more nerve-wracking creations.

From giant flies and the brown recluse spider, stingrays and scorpions, the southeast state has more than its fair share of creatures that seem to have come straight out of the pages of a thriller novel.

For these wildlife watchers, though, the smaller critters had nothing on what they witnessed coming out of the water one day!

Marcy Clarius managed to capture the moment at Boynton Beach, about an hour north of Miami, when horrified tourists were frozen in horror by the sight of something slithering out of the water.

At first, all you could see was a fairly normal-sized alligator, floating lazily along the water’s banks near the beach where tourists were hoping to catch some sun.

The longer Clarius waited with her camera, though, the more she realized that the alligator seemingly disinterested in leaving the water looks absolutely minuscule compared to the one getting out onto the grass!

It’s believed that the second alligator Clarius filmed was around 15 feet long, making it nearly double the length of an average alligator. Although there’s no definitive proof, there’s a chance it’s one of the largest alligators to go on record ever.

Seems pretty likely that the tourists will be checking under the beds an extra time tonight!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Caters