Bear cub and fawn meet for the first time—unlikely moment is captured on video

Unusual animal friendships always touch our hearts because they break through natural laws and prejudices to form these bonds. So, when a suspicious bear cub meets an orphaned fawn and becomes fascinated, it’s inevitable that their videos would get us hooked!

Joel Rosenthal has spent the last seventeen years rescuing injured and orphaned animals, rehabilitating them, and returning them to the wild. In all this time, he’d captured many hilarious interactions between the resident animals of his farm and the new arrivals.

When Rosenthal found a baby deer while on a walk through the wilderness of Pocahontas County, he knew he’d spotted the first orphaned fawn of the year. He brought the fawn home, knowing that he wouldn’t survive in the woods without his mother.

As expected, the baby deer’s arrival was greeted with different reactions by each of Rosenthal’s rescues. But by far, the most hilarious reaction belonged to Boog, the bear cub.

As soon as Boog spotted the fawn in the living room of Rosenthal’s log house, he came to investigate.

The baby deer had just started to walk, but Boog was still tiny compared to him. So, the moment the fawn leaned down to smell Boog, the cub fell back in a hurry, deciding that the height difference was a major issue for him.

Boog thought standing up on two legs would help, but even at his full height the baby bear couldn’t intimidate the fawn, who just studied him with interest. Finally, Boog backed away slowly until he was half hidden by the banisters of the staircase.

But their story didn’t end there. Boog’s natural curiosity eventually made him get over his fear of tall fawns. Then, he started following the baby deer around, trying to be friends.

After a few false starts, Boog managed to land a little kiss on the deer’s nose before falling back on his bum. This seemed to win the fawn’s confidence. So, when Boog got up and approached him again, the deer leaned close and kissed him back on his nose!

All of Rosenthal’s rescues live harmoniously together until it’s time for them to go back to the wilderness again. But for now, Boog and the baby deer will live as friends and hopefully share a lot more adorable kisses!