Beef fat is the secret ingredient to take your meal to the next level—here’s how you use it

There are hundreds of different varieties of beef recipes cooked all around the world. Have you heard about this Award winning Ginger Shaking beef recipe? This restaurant quality dish is coated with mouth-watering Miso paste to tenderize the beef. The secret of this tasty dish is the seasoning and flavor of ginger infused with Beef. The juicy texture melts in your mouth and mesmerizes your taste buds with a mixture of unique flavors. Here is the detailed description of the procedure of making of this dish, inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Ginger Shaking beef recipe:

-300g of Sirloin meat (1.5 cm thickness is ideal)
-One tablespoon of miso paste
-250 grams of Choi Pak Choi
-2 tablespoons of runny honey

The Cooking Process:
Step 1:
Prepare Crispy bits by cutting the fat off the sirloin and finely slice it into small pieces.

Step 2:
Place it in a nonstick frying pan and heat it to get some crispy pieces. Finely julienne the ginger and cut it into the shape of a matchstick. Add it to the pan of fat steak crisp bits and fry it until it is changed into a brown color.

Step 3:
Cut the remaining steak piece into 3 cm blocks and massage the beef pieces in one tablespoon of miso paste evenly. Empty the pan with crispy fat and ginger pieces and keep it aside. Add the steak chunks into the pan with four tablespoons of cooking oil. Cook the whole thing for five minutes by tossing the pan regularly. Now the steak gets cooked and textured in the miso seasoning. Drizzle two teaspoons of runny honey and mix it up with steak pieces for one more minute until it looks shiny and juicy. Your mouth may be watering at this point, but that is perfectly normal.

Step 4:
Next, chop the fresh Pak choi in half and add to a pan of water. Pak choi is a Chinese cabbage used mostly in a variety of salads to add a chunky texture. Light up the stove, boil the water and cook for one minute until they get crunchy and crispy. Drain them and place on the serving plate.

Step 5:
Spoon up the sticky and juicy steak onto the serving plate with Pak Choi. After that, scoop the juices from the pan and drizzle it over the steak. As the finishing touch, garnish the yummy dish with Crispy bits and ginger. Add a slice of lime or red wine vinegar to enhance the taste.

Steak has a higher nutrient value and tastes amazing when it is cooked well. Ginger Shakin’ beef recipe is a unique treat for beef lovers because it is prepared using Miso and ginger to enhance the flavor. Miso is known as traditional Japanese seasoning prepared by fermented soybeans with Koji and salt. Crispy bits make the dish even more delectable; just imagine the tender beef bursting inside your mouth with an added crisp in every bite. If you’re looking for some new recipes to try at home, look no further!

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