Biologists called to help tortoise with plastic fork stuck in nose. They hold it & grab pliers

This video of biologists helping an injured tortoise shows the full extent of humankind’s environmental destruction.

Tortoises are known to live for hundreds of years, and the tortoise in this video has a 4-inch plastic fork stuck in its nose that’s been there for god knows how long. Luckily for him, this group of biologists spotted the poor guy on a beach in Costa Rica.

There may be no sign of pain on the face of the tortoise, but deep inside, it’s in agony from the pain. First, one of the biologists tries to pull the fork out by hand, but it doesn’t work. So he takes out a pair of pocket pliers and uses it to pluck the fork from the tortoise’s nose.

As Nathan Robinson says, “It is painful to think that disposable objects that we throw away in freedom can cause a lot of harm to the marine life.”

Watch till the end to see what happens to the tortoise.

Video Credit: NTD Life.

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