Boy was 3 when mom realized her son was different—7 years later, B-day gift leaves him crying

The first time Melissa McCoury realized that her baby boy was color blind, he was three years old.

There was a rabbit in their garden, and Xavier was confused about what color it was. After that the genetic disorder that he’d inherited from his grandfather started making its presence felt in the little boy’s daily life.

Although he lived in the beautiful North Carolina city of Charlotte, his world was devoid of the brightness and beauty that color brought to everyone else.

His mother and his aunt, Selena, kept searching for some way to help Xavier. Repeatedly they heard of a treatment or a technology that would end up disappointing them.

Then one day, Selena learned about EnChroma Glasses. Developed by Scientist, Don McPherson, the glasses were said to act as optical aid for the colorblind.

But even with the positive buzz around this new technology, Melissa was hesitant. Looking over the information available on the company’s site, it appeared that the glasses might not be able to help Xavier.

But ultimately, there was only one way to find out.

Xavier’s parents took him to the local golf course to give him an early birthday present. His entire family was with him, including Aunt Selena who was face-timing from Ohio.

As Xavier unwrapped the box, his mother explained what the glasses were for. But until he put it on, there was no way to know if it would work.

Then, he was looking through his new glasses, and the most heartbreaking smile was forming on his lips.

“Does it work?” asked his parents, and he could only nod.

The golf course around him was suddenly vibrant in a way it had never been before. There was so much green!

“What can you see, buddy?” asked his aunt.

“Color,” he answered, his voice heavy with unshed tears.

Xavier couldn’t stop looking around him. He never wanted to take the glasses off! Then, his dad brought him his baseball stuff. He had never been able to see the color of his gloves or the stitches on his ball.

It was the best birthday gift for the ten-year-old. There was so much beauty in the world, and thanks to a pair of glasses, Xavier McCoury could see as much of it as he wanted