Camper sees something in the woods & starts walking backwards—then he starts recording

Camping can be the perfect way to get in some relaxation time, away from the stresses of modern-day life and jobs.

Roughing it in the woods involves some extra elbow grease, and modern luxuries aren’t always available. But the simplicity of less technology and more serenity can be exactly what you need when life gets too fast-paced in the concrete jungle.

Of course, that’s only if you don’t happen to encounter a mama bear and her cubs while walking on a trail near your campsite!

Katmai National Park is a gorgeous wildlife preserve and campground in Southern Alaska.


It’s known for gorgeous foliage and excellent camping, but can also be a haven for bears during certain seasons—and with trails in the Brooks Camp site leading to a body of water known as Brooks Falls, it can be all too common to run into the furry creatures when out for a stroll.

That’s exactly what happened to this camper when he ran into a bear known as Holly, who was headed for the water with her two cubs.

The camper stays surprisingly calm in the situation, walking backwards (presumably so as to not appear fleeing) all the while courageously filming the whole thing on his camera, while narrating how to follow proper bear interaction protocol. He doesn’t turn off the trail quite as quickly as the park rangers recommend in their public videos on these kinds of events, but we have to give him credit for how well he keeps his cool.

All things considered, the entire ordeal went remarkably well until the camper moves off the trail.

Would you be able to maintain that kind of composure in this situation? I certainly don’t know if I could!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | NTD Life