Cheeky mouse outwits cat. When the camera zooms in—it’s just like Tom and Jerry

If you loved watching how Jerry the mouse outwits Tom the cat in the cartoon series Tom and Jerry, you’ll definitely love this video of a real-life Tom and Jerry!

In Tom and Jerry, we know that Jerry always outsmarts Tom—even if Jerry gets caught, he always manages to stay alive for another episode.

But is it a different story for the mouse in this video?

At first, we see a black-and-white cat sniffing around a tire for its prey, the mouse.

However, no matter how “Tom” goes round and round the tire, it just can’t find “Jerry.”

Where has the mouse been hiding?

Once the camera zooms in, you’ll notice the mouse’s hiding place and wonder why the cat didn’t see its prey when it looked up earlier.

Watch the video to watch this real-life episode.

It must’ve been a nerve-racking moment for the little mouse.

Video Credit: Facebook | ViralHog.