Commuter spots feline friend stranded on a busy highway—and he knows he has to turn back

New Yorkers aren’t exactly known for their warm demeanor, but this man just might change your mind after you see what he’s about to do.

When Francisco Moya was driving down a busy highway in New York City, he thought he saw something furry from the corner of his eye. Wanting to confirm his suspicions for good, though, Moya made another loop around the highway and realized he was right—much to his horror.

Sitting right on top of the cement barricade between the dangerous highway was an adorable, fluffy cat. Somehow, the little guy had managed to get trapped in one of the worst places imaginable. Moya, a New York City council member, knew he couldn’t just drive past the helpless animal and decided to rescue him.

Once he gets his new furry friend safely off the freeway and into his car, he comforts him with his voice and gets the hungry cat some tasty wet food.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caters