Owners not around so man breaks car window. But when he reveals the reason why—we’re applauding

We all have somewhere to be, things to get done. But when our busy lives collide with the needs of our beloved pets, it pays to take a moment and make the right choices.
On a hot, summer day in Ontario, Canada, passersby spotted a parked car with the windows slightly rolled down. One of them peaked inside and noticed a brown, furry body crouching under an empty plastic bag on the floor of the car.
With the sweltering heat outside, the good Samaritan couldn’t fathom how anyone could leave their dog in the car with just the windows cracked open for ventilation. The dog was staring up tiredly from the shadows between the seats. The heat was getting to him.
When no owner turned up after sometime, the good Samaritan called SPCA. They got to the spot promptly and checked the temperature inside the car. It read 45 degree Celsius, which means it was 113 degree in Fahrenheit!
A fact dog owners often don’t realize is that the longer a car is left out in the sun, the hotter it gets. It’s possible for the outside temperature to be 70 degrees, while the insides climb up to 140 within a couple of hours.
Which is why keeping the windows slightly down doesn’t help keep the car cool. Running into a shop for ten minutes on a relatively pleasant summer day can still put your pet at risk. Ten minutes is enough for the temperature to rise by almost 20 degree Fahrenheit!
So, when the OSPCA officers saw the reading and no owner in sight, they decided to take immediate action. The dog’s life was at stake.
They burst the front window on the driver’s side and got the overheated bulldog out of the car. The owner would later pay $700 in fine for his actions before being allowed to take the dog home.
When a video of the incident hit the internet, many animal lovers were appalled, but there were those who resented the damage to the car more. They protested that the dog was in no real danger of overheating.
But reality is that every year thousands of dogs are rushed to the pet clinic because of heat stroke caused by sitting in the car. It’s better to be wrong about a potentially dangerous situation than ignore it because you are afraid of over reacting.
Thanks to a conscientious passerby and the SPCA, this bulldog was spared from suffering severe hyperthermia or worse. And thanks to the video, thousands of animal lovers around the world learned not to leave their dog in a hot car just to run an errand.